Chapter 5 Race, Ethnicity and Families

Chapter 5 Race, Ethnicity and Families - Chapter 5 Race,...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 Race, Ethnicity, and Families Domestic workers come from Latin America and Asia More women today Often send money home Globalization brings increased flow of migrants Transnational motherhood Discrimination Racial-Ethnic Groups Racial-ethnic group people who share a common identity and whose members think of themselves as distinct from others by virtue of ancestry, culture, and sometimes physical characteristics Great differences in family structure by racial ethnic groups Hispanic: Latin American ancestry First listing in 1970 census 12.5% in 2000 census Only 42% of these listed themselves in specific racial category Asian American: Came from an Asian country Everywhere from Japan to Pakistan Different races No overall Asian category in 2000 census As many variations in family patterns within subgroups as non-Hispanics United States is structured around five racial- ethnic groups African Americans Hispanics Asian and Pacific Islanders Native Americans Non-Hispanic Whites Whiteness as Ethnicity Do non-Hispanic Whites have an ethnicity? Most derived from European immigrants Did not rely on kin as much for support Whiteness is not an inherent characteristic of people Figure 5.1 Percentage of children under 18 living with a married couple, single parent, or neither parent African American Families Economic ups and downs during last half of 20th century had profound effect on these families Especially on lower and working class black families Men and women reluctant to marry African Americans The Impact of Economics More likely than whites to weigh economic considerations Effects of welfare on marriage...
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Chapter 5 Race, Ethnicity and Families - Chapter 5 Race,...

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