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Perfectionism - Perfectionism Impossible Dream...

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Perfectionism: Impossible Dream Perfectionism may be hurting you in more ways than you think. Ultimately, productivity suffers. By: PT Staff Practice may make perfect, but perfectionism makes for reduced job performance, depression, and illness -- not to mention alienated colleagues. So reports psychologist J. Clayton Lafferty, Ph.D., who looked at the lifestyles and personalities of 9,211 managers and professionals. His conclusion: Striving for perfection is likely to harm employees and companies alike. "Perfectionism has nothing to do with actually trying to perfect anything." Lafferty says. "It is about illusion, the desire to look good." Because they equate their self-worth with flawless performance, perfectionists often get hung up on meaningless details and spend more time on projects than is necessary. Ultimately, productivity suffers. Another problem is that perfectionists may cover up errors in an attempt to maintain a superhuman image. That's why, contrary to expectations, perfectionists are ill-suited to working in risky environments
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