Economics 327W08Syl - th reading: Miron, et al; 14 th...

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Economics 327 Economics of Crime Winter Term, 2008 ============================================================================ P. Malone 158 Lorch Hall 647-5607 [email protected] Office Hours: W 2-4 pm, F 10-12 Course Schedule Date Topic Assignment 1/3 Introduction 1st Reading: Becker 2 nd Reading: Gladwell 1/8-1/10 Definitions and Measurement 1/15 No class 1/17-1/22 Costs 3 rd Reading: Miller, et al 4 th Reading: Tullock 1/24-1/29 Demand and Supply 5th reading: Marche 6 th reading: Ehrenberg, et al 1/31-2/7 The Market for Crime 7 th reading: Ehrlich 8 th reading: Gaviria 9 th reading: Wilson 2/12 First Midterm Examination 2/14 Resource Allocation 10 th reading: Downes, et al 1
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2/19-2/21 Resource Allocation 11 th reading: Piehl and DiIulio 12 th reading: Levitt 2/23-3/2 Winter Recess 3/4-3/11 Victimless Crime 13
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Unformatted text preview: th reading: Miron, et al; 14 th reading: Levitt 3/13 Review 3/18 Second Midterm Examination 3/20-3/25 Organized Crime 15 th reading: Schelling 3/27-4/8 Globalization and Crime 4/10-4/15 Crime and Development 16 th reading: Glaeser 4/21 Final Examination 10:30-12:30 am There is no textbook for this class. The assigned readings will be found in the Econ. 327 Coursepack offered for sale at Dollar Bill’s on Church Street. Final grades will be calculated based on the following formula: First Midterm 30% Second Midterm 30% Final Examination 40% Students’ scores will be weighted, summed, and rank ordered. Grades will be assigned on the basis of the ordering. 2...
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Economics 327W08Syl - th reading: Miron, et al; 14 th...

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