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Codependency Symptoms, Characteristics and Traits Child Characteristics Primary symptoms affect adult codependents internally Secondary symptoms affect relationships with others (Distorted Sense of Self & Dysfunctional Relationships) Parenting Dysfunctional Parent Child Relationships Adult Survival Traits Dysfunctional Natural Core Symptoms Develop from Dysfunction Adult abused as a child becomes Valuable 1. Difficulty experiencing appropriate levels of self- esteem Negative Control (control others or allow others to control self) Inability to appropriately esteem our children Less than or Better than Vulnerable 2. Difficulty setting functional boundaries Resentment (punish other for wrongs we perceive done to us) Inability to avoid trespassing our children’s
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Unformatted text preview: boundaries Too vulnerable or Invulnerable Imperfect 3. Difficulty owning & expressing one’s reality Distorted or Nonexistent Spirituality Inability to allow our children their reality and be imperfect Bad rebellious or Good perfect Dependent needing, wanting 4. Difficulty taking care of needs and wants Avoiding Reality (avoid reality by using addictions, physical or mental illnesses) Inability to nurture our children Dependent, antidependent or needless/wantless Immature 5. Difficulty experiencing and expressing our reality moderately Impaired Intimacy (difficulty sharing who I am or hearing others share who they are) Inability to provide a stable environment for our children Immature (chaotic) or Over mature (controlling)...
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