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Unformatted text preview: a cell tag Tables can be nested to create multiple levels Tables multiple Sometime this may produce awkward results Sometime may When nesting tables, the design should be taken care of When wisely wisely Chapter 12 - Tables 14 Nesting Tables Example 12.3: Use nested tables Create tables within the cells of other tables Chapter 12 - Tables 15 Formatting via Tables Formatting web pages using tables has the same idea as Formatting that of nesting tables that A web page layout is divided into regions web divided Then a table or a cell is substituted for each region Then table Even formatting web pages using tables can involve the Even use of nested tables use Chapter 12 - Tables 16 Example 12.4: Formatting with tables Format a web page using tables to create a good layout Formatting via Tables Chapter 12 - Tables 17 Summary • • • • • • • Tables organize and structure web pages Tables organize There are table-level and cell-level variables There table-level cell-level The purpose of using a table determines its layout and The design design There are 5 important tags to use tables There important Table calculations and rendering is important because of the number of different parameters involved the Tables can be nested for better structure Tables nested Table are extensively used for formatting web pages Table used Chapter 12 - Tables 18...
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