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L567, Evolution, Indiana University Prepared by C. Lively 1 TAYLOR AND FRANKS MODEL FOR KIN SELECTION Let y be the phenotype of our focal (or target) individual Let z be the mean phenotype in the population. Keep in mind that a change in y might also change z . Also keep in mind that individual fitness is affected by the mean phenotype in the population, z . Thus, individual fitness could be a function of both y and z . W i = f ( y , z ) . Now let x be the genic value or breeding value underlying the phenotype, y , of our focal individual. We want to know how individual fitness ( W i ) is affected by changing x . In other words we want to know dW i dx which is the change in fitness with respect to the change in x . (Note we have the total derivative here.) By the chain rule, we get dW i dx = ! W i ! y dy dx + ! W i ! z dz dx Have a close look at the right-hand side of the equation. The red part ( dy / dx ) takes into account how the phenotype, y , changes with the genotype, x .
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Taylor&Frank_kinselection - L567, Evolution,...

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