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Project announcement EML 6934 Dr. Prabir Barooah October 23, 2009 1 Instructions Project Goal : The goal of the project is to use what you have learned in the class to learn a more advanced topic on your own, not to apply what you learned in the class. In this sense, this project might be slightly different from what you are used to. Project Structure : projects can be individual or done in groups (maximum group size: two students). You will present your work in the form of a 20-minute presentation, and you’ll have 5 minutes of Q&A (so each presentation will take a total of 25 minutes). No project reports. Your project will be graded solely based on the Grading : You’ll be judged soley on the basis of the presentation. If it is a group project, each member should present half the material. Your presentation should demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of the material you are presenting . Specifically, the following criteria for grading
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  • Fall '08
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  • Estimation theory, Ensemble Kalman filter, Maximum group size, Dr. Prabir Barooah, Unscented Kalman Filtering, extremely challenging Kalman

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