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Lecture 21-07-web - L312/Spring 2007 Lecture 21 Drummond...

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L312/Spring 2007 Lecture 21 Drummond April 5 or today: Finish Ch. 19 Mitosis and cytokinesis (cytokinesis today) +Ch.5 (181-91) Class evaluation at end of class today if time permits Last time: Mitosis revisited, with emphasis on molecular details Reconsider roles of microtubules and membranes in mitosis Revisit the sequence of events Distinguished 4 classes of microtubules interphase interpolar aster kinetochore Today: Reconsider ‘mitotic’ chromosomes and DNA compaction during mitosis Critically compare features of microtubules and MAPs in mitosis XKCM-1 and XMAP-215 (X = xenopus, a favored frog) Focus on anaphase: entry and events The steps in mammalian cytokinesis The role of actin and myosin
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Contrast the role of microtubules in interphase and mitosis Pay close attention to each of the structures Key questions: what happens to the micro- tubules? Why (how) do they form new structures to support mitosis? (MAPs!!!!) What happens to the DNA?
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