Lecture_4-07b - L312/Spring 2007 Housekeeping issues...

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L312/Spring 2007 Lecture 4 Drummond Housekeeping issues: In-class analogy exercise today (5 poins) Don’t forget about next Tuesday’s drawing assignment. I will post the first half of a study guide this week (1-4) Review key points: a. Phospholipids spontaneously form a small spherical bilayer in aqueous solution impermeable to proteins, ions, most small molecules (hydrophobics pass) even water b. Lipid bilayer itself is highly flexible; anchored by protein networks (cytoskeleton) c. 25 nm liposome bilayer is much smaller, different shape compared with cells d. Phospholipids and cholesterol have an amphipathic molecule structure e. Membranes are asymmetric; fed from inside bilayer into inner sheath flippases maintain distribution (ATP dependent) vesicular transport: same membrane face always faces cytoplasm supports extracellularization of carbohydrate face, among other features Today: consider transmembrane structures and membrane roles. FRAP (fluorescence recovery after photobleaching) can be used to characterize difffusion of fluorescently labeled molecules in membrane describe movement of materials across membranes Movement of glucose across membranes
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What are the essential roles of membranes within cells? (no physical transport)
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Lecture_4-07b - L312/Spring 2007 Housekeeping issues...

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