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Final_cover sheets

Final_cover sheets - Seat Special Code In Column P of your...

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Seat # ____________ Special Code In Column P of your answer sheet, blacken in # 1 Physics P201 M. Calderón de la Barca H. Evans W. Schaich Final Exam: December 14, 2005 Last Name (print) _____________________ Signature _________________ INSTRUCTIONS 1. DO NOT OPEN THE EXAM UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. 2. On this page, print your last name, sign your name, and write down your seat number. 3. On the answer sheet, print your name (last name first) and blacken in the letters on the answer sheet with a #2 pencil. 4. Print your student ID number, and blacken in the corresponding numbers on the answer sheet. 5. On column P marked “Special Code” on the answer sheet, blacken in the number shown in the top left corner of this exam. 6. Use the front and backs of the question sheets for scratch work. Do not use any other scratch sheets. 7. This is a multiple choice exam. Blacken in the answer to each question on the answer sheet. Fill in one and only one answer in the answer sheet. It is to your advantage to answer each question even if you have to guess.
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