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Homework 3 4-5 ••  An electron in a cathode-ray tube is traveling horizontally at 210 10 9 . / × cm s when deflection plates give it an upward acceleration of (a= 5.3 x 10 17 cm/s 2 ) (a) How long does it take for the electron to cover a horizontal distance of 6.20 cm? (b) What is its vertical displacement during this time? Choose y to be up, x in the direction of the electron’s motion. Sol 4-5.(a) Note: it does not depend on the acceleration. The x-motion is independent of the y-motion, and the acceleration is only upwards. Now solve for t: (b) 4-8 •  The great, gray-green, greasy Zambezi River flows over Victoria Falls in south central Africa. The falls are approximately 108 m high. If the river is flowing horizontally at v 0x =3.6 m/s just before going over the falls, what is the speed of the water when it hits the bottom? Assume the water is in freefall as it drops. Sol 4-8 There is no initial component of velocity in the y -direction. 4-14 14. ••  A mountain climber jumps a 3.0-m wide crevasse by leaping horizontally with a speed of v h = 8.0 m/s. (a) If the climber’s direction of motion on landing is - ° 45 , what is the height difference between the two sides of the crevasse? (b)
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Homework-3-calm-Sol - Homework 3 4-5 9 An electron in a...

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