8-2Chapter82009Student - 8-2Chapter 8 Energy from Electron...

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Unformatted text preview: 8-2Chapter 8: Energy from Electron TransferFriday September 4, 2009Read: Sections 8.2–8.5 from todaySections 8.6–8.8 for MondayEnd of Chapter Problems:2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 31Overview:I.Basics (Continued)II. De¡ne reduction and oxidation half reactions andoverall cell reactionsIII. Identify structure of common cells and batteriesIV. Hybrid VehiclesV. Fuel CellsChapter 8: Energy from Electron Transfer1. What alternate fuel could be used?2. Fuel alternatives3. What kind of “fuel” is best to be used in cars to better the environment?4. Fuel alternatives – synthesis and use of alternative resources i.e. corn oil5. Is there a way that growth is the use of biofuels will not lead to deforestation?6. What is the chemistry involved with electric car batteries?7. Will hydrogen fuel ever be possible?8. What is most probably source of energy for the future?Oxidationislossof electrons: Cd !Cd2++ 2e–CdloseselectronsReductionisgainof electrons : 2Ni3++ 2e–!2Ni2+Ni3+gains electronsOil Rig is a useful mnemonic device8.1Review: NiCad BatteryOverall cell reaction:2Ni3++ Cd !2Ni2++ Cd2+Reality: Electroactive Materials are not mere Ions...
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8-2Chapter82009Student - 8-2Chapter 8 Energy from Electron...

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