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C118 Laboratory: Combinatorial Chemistry Discovery of an Antibiotic Compound Full Report (Typed) Deadline: Friday 9 Oct 2009 Combinatorial chemist performs parallel fractionation at Albany Molecular Research. Analysis on 96 well plate Combinatorial Chemistry November 11, 2002 Volume 80, Number 45 A technology for synthesizing and characterizing ______________ of compounds and screening them for useful properties. Conceived about 20 years ago. Used primarily for synthesis of peptide and oligonucleotide libraries. 1990’s: synthesis of small, druglike organic compounds Used by pharmacuetical and biotech companies in ______________.
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What is a drug? Anti _________ drug Taxol from Bristol-Myers Squibb 1960’s Jonathon Hartwell at National Cancer Institute initiated program to collect samples from 35,000 plants in U.S. to screen for anticancer activity. Hit from bark of Pacific Yew tree. 1967 isolated active ingredient called “taxol”
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LablectureCombinatorial2009student - C118 Laboratory:...

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