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EDTANi - Average mg/L of Nickel(= ppm Nickel Standard...

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Intro to Analytical Chemistry Nickel Complex with EDTA Last 4 digits of Social Security Number Student's Last Name Unkown Number grams of EDTA Molarity of EDTA # 1 # 2 # 3 mls of EDTA Average Deviation Relative Average Deviation Nickel Unknown Titration mls of EDTA added mmoles of EDTA added mls Nickel unknown pipeted #1 #2 #3 mmoles of Nickel in solution Do you want to include all values? If not, which value do you want to omit?
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Unformatted text preview: Average mg/L of Nickel (= ppm Nickel) Standard Deviation Coefficient of Variance (as %) Relative Error (as %) Grade EDTA Standard ( EDTA M.W.=372.24 ) Standardization of Zn ++ mls of Zn ++ titrated Molarity of Zn ++ Average Molarity of Zn ++ mls of Zn ++ titrated mmoles of Zn ++ present Hint: moles of Ni ++ = moles of EDTA - moles of Zn ++ mg/L of Nickel (= ppm Nickel)( Ni M.W.=58.70 )...
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