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Unformatted text preview: Aerogels Recipe Features Additional Information Recipe Ingredients Precondensed silica (Silbond H-5, TEOS, or equivalent) Catalyst (ethanol, water, aqueous ammonia or protic acid) Process Place material into autoclave filled with ethanol Pressurize at 750-850 psi with CO2 & Temperature at 5-10 (C) Use liquid CO2 to remove the ethanol Adjust pressure and temperature to critical points of CO2 Using drying process, finished product takes 12 hours to 6 days Features Large internal surface area 400-1000 m3/g Support over 1500x own weight Mechanically strong Transparent / Optical clarity Good heat/sound insulator Extremely low density 0.003 g/cm3 Additional Information Cost Disadvantage Types of Aerogels Reference ...
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