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Unformatted text preview: Auxetics MEEN 3344 By: Blake Hudgeons What Are Their Characteristics? Auxetic materials are any material that thickens when stretched and Thins when compressed. Known as “a negative Poisson’s Ratio, ” V1 They have both high energy absorption and fracture resistance. Low density to allow for the pinched areas Natural Occurring single­crystal arsenic catskin load­bearing cancellous bone from human shins Current Uses Pyrolytic graphite for thermal protection in aerospace applications. Ni3Al in vanes for aircraft gas turbine engines. Expanded form of PTFE used to make Gore­Tex. Foam mops Continued Current Uses polymeric and metallic foams carbon fibre composite laminates microporous polymers Possible Uses Biomedical­ Prosthetic materials, surgical implants, suture/muscle/ligament anchors and a dilator. Filters­ Any foam or honeycomb filter is a possibility. Fibers­ Bullet proof vests. Resources ...
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  • Spring '08
  • WU
  • bullet proof vests, high  energy absorption, Continued Current Uses, metallic foams  carbon, load­bearing cancellous bone

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