Partner Interview GEA 3600

Partner Interview GEA 3600 - Partner Interview GEA 3600 As...

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Partner Interview GEA 3600 As our first assignment for GEA 3600 we were required to interview a classmate and make a report. My partner’s name is Justin Vine who as of right now plans to be a finance major but is thinking about switching to marketing sometime in the future. Justin plans to graduate in 2010 and is considered a junior here at the University of Florida. Justin was originally from New York but moved to Panama City, Florida a few years ago. He is taking GEA 3600 for various reasons; First of all, he needs the Gordon Writing Requirement of 6000 words and he has always been interested in different aspects of Africa that he has been curious about. This class will also contribute towards fulfilling his general education classes. Justin remembers studying about Africa when he was in high school but did not go into too many specifics and moved on quickly to a different region. He also went to different field trips with his church over the years that involved museums and zoos to name a few and he recalls learning about African animals, history and even current problems they face. This is what first sparked his interest in Africa. Justin has never actually visited Africa but is very excited to plan a trip in the future with family or friends. He would like to go on a safari trip watching different exotic animals in different parts of Africa. Among the places he wants to visit are Egypt, South Africa, Morocco and Madagascar. He was to visit Egypt because he is interested in their history and interesting monuments like pyramids. He wants to learn about their gods, pharaohs and how the whole process of mummifying worked. He is interested in visiting South Africa because of
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Partner Interview GEA 3600 - Partner Interview GEA 3600 As...

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