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Dinos test 4 - Dinos test 4 A bolide impact at the end of...

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Dinos test 4 A bolide impact at the end of the Cretacious apparently left a worldwide layer of sediment that is rich in IRIDIUM A keel on the sternum acts as a surface of attachment for the supracroaciodeus muscle which ran like a pully over the soldier joint to the dorsal face of the HUMERUS This bone of this fossil from the univ of WY bears a remarkable number of injuries BIG AL _______ is believed to be the longest dinosaur SUPERSAURUS All of them main group of Mesozoic marine reptiles were probably capable of deep diving TRUE Most endotherms have an erect gait TRUE Fossil evidence indicates that mossosauris and ichth… GIVE BIRTH TO LIVE YOUNG The rate of metabolic reactions depends on the internal body temperature TRUE The hallux rarely made more than a shallow track because it was held in an elevated position TRUE Ceratopsians have not yet been found in N. America FALSE Ptereosaurs were the largest flying creatures ever TRUE Ellesamosaurs ALL OF THESE Ceratopsians were gregarious animals traveling in herds TRUE The bone histology of most dinosaurs is more like that of most modern mammals TRUE Ceratopsions are ornithischian dinosaurs and are closely related to ornithods, both being plant eating ornithischians TRUE Evolutionary novelties of Ceratopsians include a ALL OF THESE Psittacosaurus was a biped, like most of the dinos closely related to ceratopsions TRUE What dinosaur had the smallest brain relative to body size STEGASAURUS Most living reptiles do not have a 4 chambered heart TRUE Pterosaurus have a global distrubution TRUE Judging from relatively complete skeletal evidence, the heaviest or bulkiest of all dinos was BRACHIOSAURUS _______ was the last of the great meat eaters T REX
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Pterosaurs ALL OF THESE Which of the following has the narrowest binocular field of vision ALLIGATOR All Pterosaurs skulls have huge eye sockets TRUE A mature Brachiosaurus may have held its head 43 ft above the ground, more than twice the height of a giraffe TRUE These marine reptiles are related to monitor lizards or snakes and had no tail fins but a very long , flat, and deep tail MOSSOSAURS Ceratopsians were very social animals traveling in large groups or herds of a 1000 or more individuals TRUE Who discovered fossils near Jenson, Utah and developed it into dino natl monument EARL DOUGLAS The crest of Landeosaurines are hollow with a complex series of tubes inside connecting to the nose and throats TRUE This genus is an early representative of the Pachysephalosaurs with a flat, table like skull roof but bearing the pitted and knobby ornamentation HOMA Dinosaur track ways can be used to estimate dino speed TRUE Tracks of quadroped dinos are more abundant then bipedal dinos FALSE The features of the pachycephalosaurid skull and skeleton designed to resist impacts include the ALL OF THESE The dinosaur with the largest brain relative to body size is TRODON Mammals did not evolve until after the extinction of dinos FALSE Dinosaur feet were about ________ as long as there legs (from hip to
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