Dinos3.1 - Dinosaurs Test 3 Topic 21 1 Theropods had the...

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Dinosaurs Test 3 Topic 21 1. Theropods had the largest brain (relative to body size) among dinosaurs. a. true 2. Dromaeosaurs or raptors diversified during this period/ a. cretaceous 3. Ornithomimosaurus had no teeth and is known as the “bird mimic lizard” a. true 4. The Ghost Ranch video was taken at the quarry where this dinosaur was formed: a. coelophysis 5. Tyrannosaurus evolved only a few million years prior to the extinction of dinosaurs: a. True 6. The head of Coelophysis is crowned with two bony crests that give it its names (two-crest) a. False 7. Allosaurus has a distinctive ridge above and in front of eyes a. true 8. The female Tyrannosaurus is larger than the male Tyrranosaurus a. true 9. Velociraptor had a elongated tail, a flat nose and long, functional arms. a. true 10. The term “ceratosauria” means horned lizard. a. true 11. To John Ostrom the anatomy of Deinonychus was one of a agile, active and intelligent hunter and thus he began a reevaluation of the nature of dinosaur behavior and metabolism that continues to today a. true 12. Tetanurae were the most primitive theropods a. false 13. The signature characteristic of ___________ is that it has extremely long spines (43cm, 17in) along the top of the vertebrae of the back, hips, and tail. a. acrocanthosaurus 14. Dromaeosaurus have an enlarged second toe claw on each foot that it used in making slashing attacks. a. true 15. There is some evidence that raptors were pack hunters a. true 16. Dinosaurs inhabited all continents. a. true 17. Which of the following features is true about theropods. a. All are true
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18. Coelurosaurs have a greater heightening of ascending process of the astragalus, a splint of bone that originates at the main articulating joint of the astragalus and covering the lower quarter of the shin (tibia). a. true 19. Carcharodontosaurus has extremely long spines along the top of the vertebrae of the back, hips, and tail. a. false 20. Theropods have solid bones a. False Topic 22 1. Diplodocidae had relatively short tails. a. false 2. Which of the following statements about the sauropoda is false: a. None of these 3. The Brachiosauridae have longer forelimbs than hind limbs a. true 4. ________ is the only sauropod found in North America above the “sauropod Hiatus”, an approximately (20-25) million year interval of the Upper Cretaceous without sauropods. a.
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Dinos3.1 - Dinosaurs Test 3 Topic 21 1 Theropods had the...

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