Experimental Plan 06242011

Experimental Plan 06242011 - Experimental Plan beginning...

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Experimental Plan beginning 06/24/2011 Sampling and Storage Raw water sample is obtained from the Ullrich low service intake. Temperature is measured at the plant. Once the sample is obtained, it is promptly returned to ECJ for measurement of alkalinity and total hardness via titration by 0.023 N HCl and 0.01 M EDTA, respectively. ICP standards are prepared from stock solutions of 100 mg/L Ca 2+ and 100 mg/L Mg 2+ . ICP analysis is performed to measure calcium and magnesium directly. Upon completion of the tests on the sample, it is stored in the 4 degrees C room. Turbidity shall also be measured. 5 ICP standards are prepared with calcium to magnesium ratios of 0:0, 1:1, 10:5, 25:10, and 50:25. Table 1 shows the set of ICP standards used for raw water analysis. Table 1: ICP Standards Sample Calcium (mg/L) Magnesium (mg/L) Blank 0 0 Standard 1 1 1 Standard 2 10 5 Standard 3 25 10 (would 15 be better? most samples are 15-20) Standard 4 50 25 ICP standards are prepared in 10mL volumetric flasks using auto pipettes to measure the exact amount of stock solution to be added. DDI water is used to bring the sample to the full 10 mL. Jar Test Procedure Within 4 days of obtaining the sample, jar tests will be run at different doses of calcium in order to determine the range of critical dose for optimum calcium removal. Previous results show that the critical dose is somewhere in between 100-110 mg/L CaO as quicklime. Experiments shall be run to focus
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Experimental Plan 06242011 - Experimental Plan beginning...

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