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P&G - Procter Gamble business provides fast-moving...

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Procter & Gamble business provides fast-moving consumer products for beauty care, feminine care, fabric care, home care, healthcare, snacks, beverages, and pet health and nutrition. P&G has been known for its secrecy rather than openness. Changing this culture to one that welcomes and encourages a more open approach to innovation and doing business is a significant challenge that we are addressing in a number of ways. P&G also maintains a close eye on local markets through on-the-ground intelligence and marketed products. The advice I would like to give P&G marketing executives that getting clear on the question, evaluating options, understanding the uncertainties, and analyzing the best decision that you have available for the consumer in global market. 1) What have been the key success factors for Procter & Gamble? a. The key success factors for P&G have been in the areas of: customer knowledge, long-term outlook, product innovations, quality strategy, line-extension strategy, brand-
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