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Syllabus - Foundation for Sustainable Development Education...

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Foundation for Sustainable Development: Education in Argentina Education 98/198 Fall 2011 Wednesdays 5:30pm – 7pm Units: 1 Room TBA Facilitator(s): Class Contact Information: Paulina Inzerillo [email protected] Nicki Nario Aarón Ruvulcaba Facility Advisor: Derek Van Rheenan [email protected] Course Description: This Decal is an introductory course that focuses on international sustainable development specifically in the area of education within Argentina. With 1% of the global population currently receiving a college degree and the widening gap between the have’s and the have-not’s, the importance of understanding education and its effects on international political economy as well as social welfare is essential. By taking this course, students will learn about Argentina at large, particularly examining the country’s youth and educational system as well as implement what was learned in the classroom through participating in a service-learning project over winter break with the Foundation for Sustainable Development . Over the course of 12 weeks, students will prepare presentations, read material, and gather research on the different sectors of Argentine society. By learning about subjects such as microfinance, human rights, economics, etc., students will gain a more secular understanding of the country as a whole, as well as draw a more accurate conclusion to the importance of educating youth and building up the educational system within the country in order to see future change and progress within each of these sectors. The course gives students an opportunity to learn about a developing country and its importance within the global community. As a result of this course, students will also be able to reflect upon the value of being educated and witness first-hand how NGOs and other organizations are stressing the importance of education at the most basic level. By researching Argentina’s educational system over the course of a semester, learning objectives will be further solidified and understood to a more extensive degree by having the opportunity to travel to the country and participate in a sustainable project first-hand. The class will culminate in a two-week long service-learning trip to Argentina through FSD, an organization that works to build the capacity of more than “300 NGO partners around the world to address local education, health, social, environmental and economic issue.” They are committed to “grassroots development,” encouraging community-based action for meeting “human need and basic rights for all.” For this particular course, students will partner with FSD and other local NGOs in La Plata, Argentina, specifically participating in a service project within
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their educational department .
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