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QUARTER SPRING 2010-2011 COURSE BMES 423/623 - Medical Imaging Systems III CREDITS 3 Credits [Science: 1.0 - Engineering: 2.0 - General: 0.0] SCHEDULE Wednesday and Friday 12:00 pm-1:50 pm CATALOG DESCRIPTION This is an advanced course on biomedical imaging. Knowledge on imaging systems theory is deepened, advanced biomedical imaging methods and systems are introduced, and image processing methods are being practiced. INSTRUCTOR's DESCRIPTION The course primary objective is to introduce participants to modern theories, methods and applications in the field of biomedical imaging systems. Material covered includes aspects of systems theory, sampling, convolutions and transforms, novel forms of three-dimensional and nano-imaging, and advanced image analysis. The role of quantitative imaging in various fields of biomedical sciences is discussed. PREREQUISITS BMES 421/621 & 422/622, BMES 622 INSTRUCTOR Andres Kriete Ph.D. Associate Professor
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BiomedImagingSystemsIII-Syllabus-Spring2011 - QUARTER...

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