Simple eassy 12 - My Dream University Life Sunshine...

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My Dream University Life Sunshine sprinkled on the smiling cheek, I, the freshmen of university, roaming in the campus with the flourish flowers and trees greeting me on the both sides. In the classroom, I can hear the discussions between students and professors, they all have good interactions. In the sportfield, I see many atheletes with endless vitality exercising and socializing with classmates. In the library, I smell the fragrance of books and soaked myself in the ocean of wisdom. Ouite the reverse from the boring senior high school life, the life in my ideal university—National Taiwan University seems to radiate its unique and insurmountable charming. My dream university life comprises many integral elements. And of course, the top priority is knowledge. It is because I’m deeply under the impression that knowledge is the substruction of every thing and is the foundament that support we human to improve. In my ideal university—NTU, there are enormous knowledge power waiting for me to explore and digest. I
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Simple eassy 12 - My Dream University Life Sunshine...

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