Immunology 3.25.10

Immunology 3.25.10 - Incontinence goes hand in hand with a...

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Incontinence goes hand in hand with a patient who has MS Tandem walking- walking hill to toe ESR- Erythrocyte Sedimentaion rate Inflammation occurs body produces protein in blood red blood cells clump together o Heavier cells aggregate fall faster normal rate < 20mm/hr MS Chronic disease Demyletinating lesions brain spinal cord and optic nerves Multiple neurological 5x and characteristic plaques Diagnosed 20-45 yrs More women afflicted than men More frequent in Caucasian Results from an autoimmune attack against self-myelin or self-oligo-dendrocytes antigens (the cells that make the axons) Inducer celss become activated and release IL2 , TNF and INF-gamma Intern they act on both B and T cells which augments the immune response o Problem occurs when we have activated T cells that cross the BBB and induce autoimmune responses which leads the destruction of the Myelin, Another problem is reduction or impairment in the T-suppressor cells o Free radicals and superoxide release Adhesion Molecules participate in activation and function of lymphocytes Patho The demylelination leads to the formation of lesions and plaques Axonal damage can occur early in disease state. Disruption in the transmission of nerve impulses Acute lesions myelin breakdown
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Chronic lesions the demyelinated axons undergo a slow degeneration long term disability Signs and Symp Visual complaints Gait problems Paresthesias Spasticity Weakness Speech difficulty Lhermitte’s sign
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Immunology 3.25.10 - Incontinence goes hand in hand with a...

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