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Biol 261 – Ch. 30 – Study Questions 1. What are examples of natural active, natural passive, artificial active, and artificial passive immunity? Bottom line what’s the difference between natural and artificial? Active and passive immunity? 2. What is a vaccine? What does it do? What happens when you get a booster shot? 3. What is an antibody titer? 4. What are some examples of the various types of vaccines and the diseases we vaccinate
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Unformatted text preview: against? 5. What are the four types of hypersensitivitiy reactions? Explain the basic mechanism of each and give an example of each. 6. What antigens commonly cause type I hypersensitivities? Type II? 7. What causes autoimmune disease? What are some examples of autoimmune diseases? 8. What type of cells are involved in super antigen reactions?...
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