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James Hare Margo Lepage Nichole Todd Sustainability and Triple Bottom Line Reporting Introduction No longer will the focus of businesses be primarily on the financial aspect. Along with financial information, businesses are now becoming responsible for their environmental and social actions. The customers’ concern for “going green” has now become the concern for businesses that, as a result, are now becoming environmentally conservative in their efforts to reduce pollution and waste. In order to improve social responsibility businesses are now focusing their efforts on increasing healthcare, number of vacation days, and work environments in order to increase relationships with their employees. The Current Situation The Brutland Commission made this statement in their address to the United Nations in 1987, “Sustainable development implies meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Companies are currently attempting to achieve sustainability through improving their financial, social, and environmental aspects of operations, otherwise known as the triple bottom line. Fast food chains are packaging food in biodegradable materials, automobile engineers are designing cars that achieve higher mile per gallon, and makers of cleaning products are now using natural ingredients that will not damage the environment all as result of their
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Topic _10 Summary - James Hare Margo Lepage Nichole Todd...

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