hw6_stsm00 - problem 2) For the same frame in problem 1,...

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CES 4141 - Stress Analysis Summer 2000 1 of 1 7/20/00 HW #6 HW #6 assigned 7/20/00, due 7/27/00 (Get the beam notes off my web page) Problem 1) For the frame in the figure below, solve for rotation at node 2, and all reactions and internal forces using classical (non-matrix) methods (e.g. virtual work, shear/moment diagrams, etc.). Ignore axial deformation
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Unformatted text preview: problem 2) For the same frame in problem 1, use the direct stiffness method by hand to solve for all displacements, reactions, and internal forces. (Use calculator or MATLAB to solve matrix). 8 ft 6 ft 2 1 E= 29000 ksi I= 1200 in*in*in*in 6 ft 5 k pin roller 3 A= 15 in*in 1 2 1 k/ft K = 9x9...
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