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program 2 - Programming Assignment#2 COP 3330 Summer 2011...

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Title: “Program Assignment 2: Classes and Methods” Points: 100 points total Due Date: Thursday June 16, 2011 by 11:55 pm WebCourses time Objectives: (1) Practice developing classes.. (2) Learning to deal with prewritten classes. (3) Understand how object oriented design can aid program design by making it easier to incorporate independently designed pieces of code together into a single application. (4) More practice implementing UML class diagrams in Java. Description: In this programming assignment, you will write a console application program that runs a simple bicycle shop. Three separate classes will be used in this assignment. 1. A class called BikeShop has been already implemented and you will need to download the BikeShop.java file from the course web page. You will use the methods in the BikeShop class, you can see how this class implements its methods. Your classes can only use what is available via the public methods in the BikeShop class (see UML class diagram below). You cannot modify this class in any way! 2. You need to implement a class called Bike as described below. The name of this class must be Bike and it must be implemented exactly as shown by the UML diagram below. Do not change the names of the methods, because they are accessed from BikeShop class. 3. You need to also implement another class named MyBikeShop . This class will contain only a main method. This is your application program that will first create a BikeShop object and then allow you to perform certain menu-driven operations on this BikeShop object. You will not be managing a mega-store with multiple bike shops so you need to create only a single instance of the BikeShop class to manage. The Bike class You need to write a Bike class. A Bike object keeps track of information for one particular bicycle that could potentially be in stock and sold by a bike shop. Shown below is the UML class diagram for the Bike class: 1 Programming Assignment #2 – COP 3330 – Summer 2011
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The BikeShop class The BikeShop class has been written for you. Do not modify this class in any fashion. You must use the methods provided by the BikeShop class in order to manage your bike shop. In order to use these methods you must download the BikeShop.java
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