sol-hw2 - 40,000 bits b) 40,000 bits c) the bandwidth-delay...

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Problem 1. a) s m d prop / = seconds. b) R L d trans / = seconds. c) ) / / ( R L s m d end to end + = - - seconds. d) The bit is just leaving Host A. e) The first bit is in the link and has not reached Host B. f) The first bit has reached Host B. g) Want ( 29 893 10 5 . 2 10 28 100 8 3 = × × = = S R L m km. Problem 2. a)
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Unformatted text preview: 40,000 bits b) 40,000 bits c) the bandwidth-delay product of a link is the maximum number of bits that can be in the link d) 1 bit is 250 meters long, which is longer than a football field e) s/R...
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