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Web Site Checklist - sheets Each XHTML document passes W3C...

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CIS 4004 – Web Site Phase 2 Requirements Checklist Requirement Completed YES NO Storyboard for the overall web site showing how content pages are  linked Storyboard for each of the content pages you’ve created for this phase. Navigation area(s) on content pages. All internal navigation links work properly. Working external links to at least one external web site on at least one  content page. Content pages include images. “alt” attribute values for each image used. (won’t pass Strict validation  without this attribute.) Each XHTML document has an accompanying external CSS document.  (Note internal styles can also be used in addition to the external style 
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Unformatted text preview: sheets.) Each XHTML document passes W3C Strict validation. Each CSS document passes W3C validation. Splash page ( splash.html ) correctly links to primary content page ( main.html ) At least one page embeds a video. At least one page embeds an audio player/file At least one page should include a JavaScript script All files and images uploaded to Eustis (or some server) and site is working properly when viewed by a visitor. Upload 1 XHTML document to WebCourses (only 1 document is needed). A XHTML form is included on one page At least two of the fields of the form are validated using a regular expression...
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