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Programming Assignment 2 - Input of “quit” at client A...

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CIS 4363 Programming Assignment 2 Due: 2/08/2007 In this programming assignment, you will extend the previous assignment. The server will act as a Key Distribution Center (KDC). One of the clients will act as an Initiator (A), and the other will act as a responder (B). The communication will be between the two clients. For two clients to communicate, they must go over the following five steps. 1. A -> KDC: Request || N 1 2. KDC -> A: )] , ( || || Re || [ 1 A s K s K ID K E N quest K E b a 3. A -> B: ] || [ A s K ID K E b 4. B -> A: ] [ 2 N E s K 5. A -> B: )] ( [ 2 N f E s K After that, A and B will communicate. At client A, ask the user to input a message, encrypt it, and send it to B. At client B, ask the user to input an answer, and send it to A.
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Unformatted text preview: Input of “quit” at client A will end all three programs. Sample run: serverKDC //run server clientB //run responder clientA address_of_server address_of_B //run the initiator Output at client A: Sent xxxx to KDC Received xxxx from KDC Sent xxxx to B Received xxxx from B Send xxxx to B Communication established! Please input the message to send to B: A Message B replied with the following message: A Reply Please input the message to send to B: Quit Output at client B: Received from client A: A Message Please input the reply: A Reply...
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