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Programming Assignment 3 - contents of the files back Same...

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CIS 4363 Programming Assignment 3 Due: 3/22/2007 This programming assignment is about 802.11i. We will have four partners, the station (STA), the access point (AP), the authentication server (AS), and a file server (FS). STA want to retrieve files from FS. To do that, STA must first be authenticated by AS using TLS. The detailed steps are in notes 2_13_2007.pdf . All messages must go through the AP. That is, whenever STA wants to send a message to AS, it will sends to AP and AP will send it to AS; whenever AS want so send a message back to STA, it will also send to AP and AP then sends it to STA. After STA is authenticated, AP now knows that it can access FS. At this time STA can send file names to FS and FS will send the
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Unformatted text preview: contents of the files back. Same as the communication between STA and AS, the communication between STA and FS must also go through AP. All communications are to be implemented using the stop-and-wait protocol. After a message is sent, an ACK must be received. After a message is received, an ACK will be sent. Files on FS will be very small text files, with several lines of text. You can assume they are at the same directory as the program. Sample Output at STA: Sent xxxx to AS Received xxxx from AS …… Authentication finished! Please input the file name to retrieve from File Server: File Name Contents of File Name: File Contents Please input the file name to retrieve from File Server: Quit STA AP AS FS...
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