Project 1 Part One - Your goal for this part is 1 Design a secure certificate based System You should describe your design in detail 2 Analyze your

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CIS 4363 Course Project - Part One Due: 3/29/2007 In this project you will design a system for an Investment Brokerage Co. An Investment Brokerage Co. will have brokers to buy and sell stocks for the clients, as illustrated below. For the brokers to work on behalf of the clients, the brokers and the clients must be able to verify each other’s identification. The networked system will act as the authenticator.
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Unformatted text preview: Your goal for this part is: 1. Design a secure certificate based System. You should describe your design in detail. 2. Analyze your design and give the Pros and Cons. 3. Are there any security flaws in your design? Refer to Chapter 9 to 15 in the text book. Networked Stock Trading System Broker Clients...
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