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CIS 4363 Course Project – Two Computer Network Security – Privacy and Protection of Information Past, Present and Future Approaches Due on April 17, 2007 During last 10-15 years, there has been continuous innovation for computer network security and protection of information. Anti-virus/Anti-spyware, spam filters, firewall, intrusion detection and prevention software are some examples of these innovations. 1. How do these different technologies differ from each other in terms of “the level of protection,” they provide to a user/enterprise.
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Unformatted text preview: Now we see that several companies are providing “complete and effective security for enterprise messaging infrastructure.” 2. Investigate the evolution of these developments and the expectations in the near future. Prepare this part of the report to contain three sections: past, present, and future. You may want to examine the functionality of the products marketed by companies such as Pointsec, Passlogix, Proofpoint, TippingPoint, N-CIPHER, SecureWave....
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