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Wolve genetics problem Wolves are sometimes observed to have black coats and blue eyes. Assume that these traits are controlled by single genes and are located on different chromsomes. Assume also that normal coat color (N) is dominant to black (n) and brown eyes (B) are dominant to blue (b). Cross a male wolf that is black with blue eyes with a normal colored wolf with brown eyes. The female is heterozygous for both traits. 1.Give the possible gametes for each parent.
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Unformatted text preview: 2.Show the cross in a Punnett Square on the back of the answer sheet. 3.Give the percentage for all possible phenotypes of the offspring. . Answer Key: 1. male wolf genotype: nnbb (must be homozygous recessive for both traits) so gametes are nb and nb 2. heterozygous female wolf: NnBb and gametes: NB, Nb, nB, nb 3. Genotypic ratio: ___25% normal color & brown eyes; 25% normal color & blue eyes; 25% black color & brown eyes; 25% black color & blue eyes...
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