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MEMO To: Dr. Arnett From: Jeremy Debruce Date: February 13, 2011 Re:  Technical Letter Problems The purpose of this memo is to explain the problem and issues encountered while doing my  Technical Letter. The Technical Letter was written to express our condolence for messing up the audience  order. In order to adapt to the audience, I used a soft tone of words and expressed how sorry  the company was. I tried making the audience feel as comfortable as possible and make him  feel ok with his order being late. Also, I offered a lower price on the order our mistake.   I encountered a few ethical issues where I had to be honest and straight up with the  customer. I wanted the customer to feel like he could trust me with taking care of the 
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Unformatted text preview: situation. By him being the CEO of the company I had to watch my tone and choice of words. After a peer review, I learned that I wasn’t sensitive enough for the audience to forgive me for the company’s mistake. Also, I rearrange some of my sentences to sound more sincere and professional. My information flowed better after making corrections. The letter became clearer and the organization was better. The letter also got straight to the point I didn’t lead the customer on. This concludes my reflective memo to my career plans. Please feel free to contact me by email [email protected] /jmd Enclosure (1)...
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