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Debruce, Harris, Shipman - 01 - Audience Analysis Exercise

Debruce, Harris, Shipman - 01 - Audience Analysis Exercise...

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Memo To: Dr. John Arnett From: Debruce, Harris, Shipman Date: February 2, 2011 Re: Audience Analysis Exercise This memo will discuss the audience analysis of a chief IT officer. This audience will respond best to computer terminology and towards someone who is computer savvy. The best visuals will be a power point presentation where diagrams and figures will be shown to illustrate how things work. The audience is knowledgeable about computer networks and how they work. The audience is not a very sociable person when it comes to things outside of his field of study. It would probably be best to communicate with the audience through JavaScript or Klingon because he is a fan of Star Trek. From the physical appearance, he is a clean guy with good hygiene’s. By looking at the way the audience is dressed, we can tell he is not in the business world. The audience has a job that requires him to dress for comfort. He is a single guy with no kids and there is possibility that he has a virtual pet. He looks like he is in his mid-thirty’s. In his spare time, he plays video games. He knows all the latest gadgets. He is a
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