Creative Writing Portfolio part 2

Creative Writing Portfolio part 2 - Arthur Begtine True...

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Arthur Begtine True Friendship Antoine was only twelve years old when he got the news. He was at school playing with his friend when his teacher called him in to the classroom. It was the break and Antoine didn’t understand what he had done wrong. He tried to think of something but couldn’t, which was rare now a days since he couldn’t seem to stay on the right path. The teacher sat him down, looked him in the eyes and stared at him for a good minute. Finally, the teacher, Mr. Bourgier, asked him if he was thirsty. Antoine told him that he wasn’t and asked him what was wrong. Mr. Bourgier looked at him and said: “I’m sorry to inform you that your mother has passed away Antoine. You are free to go home now and see your father. He is waiting for you.” Antoine couldn’t believe it. The last thing he had told his mother, when she answered, “No.” to his request for some extra money for an ice cream for the way home from school was that he hated her. Now, he couldn’t stop the questions, the twenty million questions in his head. How did she die? Why me? Why didn’t I tell her I loved her this morning like I usually did? Antoine felt miserable. He took his backpack and left school. Walking towards the gate, all of his friends were rushing towards him to ask him where he was going. He
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even heard one kid yell out to him, “Ooooh, if your mother hears about this she’s going to be angry!” Tears ran down Antoine cheeks as he walked towards the bus stop. While on the bus Antoine listened to music; and asked god why his mother had died. Hearing of your mother’s death is hard news for anyone, but for a twelve your old boy it’s devastating. Antoine had always been troubled. Getting in fights at school and getting detentions was a regular part of his life. A lot of this had to do with the fact that his parents had divorced when he was eight years old. He had been living with his mother ever since and was in need of a stronger paternal figure. His father spent the bare minimum of time with him and when they were together, rarely sanctioned him. The only time he spent with his father, was spent doing fun things like going to the beach or an attraction park. Antoine also had a very difficult relationship with his stepmother, Anne, who treated him like he was worthless compared to her own children. Her own children were named Jacob and James. They were spoiled kids who expected everything and drove Antoine’s father crazy. Antoine got off the bus and walked towards his apartment building. He rang the buzzer and walked up the staircase towards his apartment.
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Creative Writing Portfolio part 2 - Arthur Begtine True...

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