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Creative writing Single and Forty - Arthur Begtine May 5th...

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Arthur Begtine May 5 th , 2009 Single and Forty Sandra Smith was a thirty nine year old single mother of two children. She lived in Chicago’s North side with her two little boys, Malcom and Charles. Her husband had left her sixteen years ago and had never given any sign of life since. She had married her husband Ricky during the last year of high school and didn’t go to college because she found out soon after that she was pregnant with their first child, Malcom. Malcom and Charles were good kids even though they had no true paternal figure. Sandra had dated a few guys different guys on and off during their childhood; however, these men always ended up being no good. On a beautiful summer day everything seemed to change. Sandra had saved up enough money to pay a cruise to the Caribbean with her two boys; she had even gotten two separate rooms to be able to give herself some privacy. That morning in July they went to the airport to take a plane towards New York City, which was where the plane would be leaving from that night. The plane ride was short and uneventful, except maybe for the fact that Charles spilled coke all over an older man and got him very angry. Sandra was too happy to even think about scolding her son. First of all he was sixteen years old; secondly, of all she knew he hadn’t done it on purpose so it would be useless. Sandra and her kids hadn’t been on a vacation since they went and visited her mom in Los Angeles three years ago. Knowing of her tight money situation, family members usually made the effort to come and visit her and the boys.
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The family finally landed at LaGuardia and took a taxi towards the port. During the taxi ride Sandra clutched the tickets firmly and talked with her sons. She could tell how excited they were by the looks on their faces. She thought to herself, “They really deserve this trip.” The boys helped out a lot around the apartment with household tasks. And Malcom was a serious student plus a star player on the high school football team. Sandra was very proud of him. He had received numerous scholarship offers from division one schools like Notre Dame, Southern California, and Georgia. She was tremendously relieved that she wouldn’t have to pay for his college which would have been a huge financial burden. A scholarship would saved her from having to spend the next twenty years paying off loans for his schooling. Charles, on the other hand, was a good kid though a little bit of a trouble maker.
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Creative writing Single and Forty - Arthur Begtine May 5th...

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