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Unformatted text preview: More on the Greek Way Moira: the Ancient Greek concept of fate; mortals have specific destinies (for example, Achilleus was destined to become the Aidos: duty to one's self and the community greatest warrior the world would ever know, but in becoming so, he would also be destined to die at Troy). Anthropos Polytropos: Man of many ways or man of many tricks (What the Greeks called Odysseus). His name means "the one who is wrathful, hated." Another definition is "much accursed." The Greeks who fought at Troy were known by many names: Danaans, Argives, and the most notable, Achaians. The Iliad and The Odyssey We can look at these two works, both attributed to the poet Homer, as the Ancient and Classical Greek bible, and its source of history, and culture. They believed in the reality of the heroes and events described in the epic poems. And the poems would have been celebrated by the Greeks Wrath, though a deadly sin for Christians, would have been a celebrated heroic trait for the Greeks, as seen in the character development of Achilleus and Odysseus, and especially in the Spartans (and the Spartan code). Both The Iliad and The Odyssey begin with references to their heroes' wrath and violence, yet Achilleus's name means the grief of the people, at times the people he fights (when he kills them), and at other times the his own people (when he refuses to fight, as in his quarrel with Agamemnon). Odysseus Odysseus survives because he is the most intelligent and cunning of all the Greeks He is also the most beloved of Zeus's daughter, Athena, the goddess of wisdom (for whom Athens was named). This does not mean that he possesses the favor of all the gods, as we see Poseidon relentlessly seek Odysseus's demises, raining suffering down upon Odysseus for ten years. Odysseus's greatest suffering comes from his inability to reach his home, Ithaca. ...
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