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Cheat sheet - Why is software different than hardware Or...

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Why is software different than hardware? Or manufacturing? software is engineered software doesn’t wear out most software is still custom built software is complex Wear vs. Deterioration There are many types of applications system software - OS, file management, networking, drivers, etc… application software - data processing, point of sale, other business functions… engineering/scientific software - CAD, stress analysis, orbital mechanics embedded software - microwave oven keypad, automobile control, cell phone software, etc… product-line software - word processing, inventory control, etc… WebApps (Web applications) - many different things today AI software - robotics, data mining, expert systems Legacy Software software must be adapted to meet the needs of new computing environments or technology. software must be enhanced to implement new business requirements. software must be extended to make it interoperable with other more modern systems or databases. software must be re-architected to make it viable within a network environment. Software Myths Affect managers, customers (and other non-technical stakeholders) and practitioners Are believable because they often have elements of truth, but … Invariably lead to bad decisions, therefore … Insist on reality as you navigate your way through software engineering,Fixing the problem Software engineering! Software engineering is really just a set of ideas and tools to use (when it makes sense) to give you a higher likelihood of success on a software project. A Generic Framework Communication, Heavy collaboration with the customer, other stakeholders and encompasses requirements gathering and related activities, Planning, Establish a plan for the work. Technical task to be conducted, risks, needed resources, work products to be created, and a schedule, Modeling Creation of models to allow the customer and the developer to better understand the requirements and design that will achieve those requirements, Construction Combines code generation and testing required to uncover errors in the code Deployment The software (as a complete entity or partially complete increment) is delivered to the customer who evaluates it and provides feedback. Framework Activities: Communication, Planning, Modeling,Analysis of requirements, Design, Construction, Code generation, Testing, Deployment Umbrella Activities Software project management, Formal technical reviews, Software quality assurance, Software configuration management Work product preparation and production Reusability management Measurement Risk management A Layered Technology The Process Model: Adaptability The framework activities will always be applied on every project . .. The tasks (and degree of rigor) for each activity will vary based on:
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Cheat sheet - Why is software different than hardware Or...

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