quiz 4 - Requirements Engineering-I Inception-ask a set of...

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Requirements Engineering-I Inception—ask a set of questions that establish … o basic understanding of the problem o the people who want a solution o the nature of the solution that is desired, and o the effectiveness of preliminary communication and collaboration between the customer and the developer Elicitation—elicit requirements from all stakeholders Elaboration—create an analysis model that identifies data, function and behavioral requirements Negotiation—agree on a deliverable system that is realistic for developers and customers Requirements Engineering-II Specification—can be any one (or more) of the following: o A written document o A set of models o A formal mathematical equation o A collection of user scenarios (use-cases) o A prototype Validation—a review mechanism that looks for o errors in content or interpretation o areas where clarification may be required o missing information o inconsistencies (a major problem when large products or systems are engineered) o conflicting or unrealistic (unachievable) requirements. Requirements management What is a requirement? Requirements are used to describe all o aspects of a system They may range from a high-level abstract o statement of a service or of a system o constraint to a detailed mathematical functional specification They serve many roles o May be the basis for a bid for a contract - therefore must be open to interpretation o May be the basis for the contract itself - therefore must be defined in detail o Are always used to communicate what you intend to build All Requirements Should specify external behavior of the o system o what the system does, not how Includes functional and non-functional requirements o Functional requirements are statements of the services that the system must provide What must the system do? (Start all with the phrase “The system shall…”) o Non-functional requirements are constraints on the services and functions offered by the system How must it do it? or a constraint on the system Typical Requirements Statements Functional: The system shall display the heart rate, blood pressure and temperature of a patient connected to the patient monitor. Non-Functional: "Display of the patient's vital
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quiz 4 - Requirements Engineering-I Inception-ask a set of...

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