Brown vs. Board of Education

Brown vs. Board of Education - For years the students of...

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For years the students of fort valley state university have been able to come together and learn collectively without the laws of segregation thanks to the Brown vs. Board of Education case. Fort Valley State University prides itself in reaching out to minority students; giving those that wouldn’t usually have as fair a chance at a further education. The university reaches out to not only blacks but international students, Caucasian, Latino, and all other races and ethnicities as well. Brown vs. Board of Education of the city of Topeka, Kansas; became a case for the ages. Thirteen disgruntled parents, which consisted of Oliver Brown, Darlene Brown, Lena Carper, Sadie Emmanuel, Marguerite Emerson, Shirley Fleming, Zelma Henderson , Shirley Hodison, Maude Lawton, Alma Lewis, Iona Richardson, and Lucinda Todd grew tired of sitting back and decided to take action when their twenty kids were refused by the closest schools in their district because of segregation laws; which brought about this era changing lawsuit. With help from The
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