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Chapter 1 (Attempt 1) Andrew Sims

Chapter 1 (Attempt 1) Andrew Sims - In my career that I’m...

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The way I use computers today is not very complicated. I use my computer to keep in touch with my peers through networking websites. I also use some messengers to keep in contact with lifelong friends and associates. My computer really comes in handy when I have class assignments to do, such as this one. I also play video games to keep me occupied at times. Like many other Americans, my computer has become a big part of my life and I would find life a little harder without it.
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Unformatted text preview: In my career that I’m pursuing computers are everywhere. I have plans to be a film and video editor/ producer. This industry is nothing without computers, seeing that movies are having more digital and special effects added each year. Without computers my career would be non-existent, and there would be no purpose for me here at KSU because I came here specifically for the communications program!...
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