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Chapter 6 Outline

Chapter 6 Outline - v Prepare your questions b During The...

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Chapter 6 Outline 1) Using Your Knowledge and Experience 2) Doing Library Research a) Librarians b) The Catalogue c) Periodical Databases i) General Databases ii) Special Databases a) Newspapers b) Reference Works a. Encyclopedias b. Yearbooks c. Dictionaries d. Quotation Books e. Biographical Aids f. Atlases and Gazetteers 3) Searching The Internet a) Search Aids i) Search Engines ii) Virtual Libraries b) Keyword Searches c) Subject Searches
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d) Bookmarks e) Specialized Research Resources i) Government Resources ii) Reference Resources iii) News Resources iv) Multicultural Resources f) Evaluating Internet Documents i) Authorship ii) Sponsorship iii) Regency g) Citing Internet Sources 4) Interviewing a) Before The Interview i) Define the purpose of the interview ii) Decide whom to interview iii) Arrange the interview iv) Decide whether to record the interview
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Unformatted text preview: v) Prepare your questions b) During The Interview i) Dress appropriately and be on time ii) Repeat the purpose of the interview iii) Set up the recorder, if you are using one iv) Keep the interview on track v) Listen carefully vi) Don’t overstay your welcome c) After the Interview i) Review your notes as soon as possible ii) Transcribe your notes 5) Tips For Doing Research a) Start Early b) Make a Preliminary Bibliography c) Take Notes Efficiently i) Take plenty of notes ii) Record notes in a consistent format iii) Make a separate entry for each note iv) Distinguish among direct quotations, paraphrases, and your own ideas v) Use index cards if you write notes by hand d) Think About Your Materials As You Research...
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Chapter 6 Outline - v Prepare your questions b During The...

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