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Dr. Lee Ranshaw Black Mural Presentation (extra credit) Dr. Lee Ranshaw first introduced the National Mural Cultural Revolution to us. After that introduction he told us a little about his past, specifically his education. Once that was done he told us about the definition of black mural art and other key terms for his presentation. Black mural art; “refers to that outdoor art which is produced by black artists for black people in an effort to bring about social, political or economic changes within the black community. The O.B.A.C is the Organization of Black American Culture9 which should be pronounced Obasi, which is the Yoruba word for chieftan. There were several sociologists that he mentions in his presentation that identified the institutions that effect individuals and groups in society. These institutions are economics, education, the family, government, politics, religion, and social welfare. Dr. Ranshaw then began to get into the heart of his presentation, this was lead of by his
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