harris final speech - Good Afternoon class how many of you...

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Good Afternoon class, how many of you have given blood? Take a second and think about what it would be like to know that the biology department of FVSU decided that they were going to take the DNA from that blood and create another you; but here’s the trick you don’t have any say so over it. Today I’m going to talk about the policy on human cloning, how the “policy” is viewed and taken advantage of by scientists, we’re going to also talk about what the “real” question will end up being about human cloning, and what the National Academy of Sciences has to do with this process. The issue of human cloning has been the subject of much public debate since the birth of the cloned sheep Dolly was announced in 1997. The profound ethical questions surrounding the prospect of the birth of a human clone have received a lot of belittling feedback. In recent months, the debate has included the topic of human embryonic stem cell research, which scientists believe could benefit from experimentation using the procedure pioneered by the scientists who produced Dolly.
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The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) gained a lot of attention when it issued a broadside that would, if followed by Congress, grant an open-ended license for biotech researchers to clone human life. True, the NAS recommended that Congress ban "reproductive" cloning, that is, the use of a cloned embryo to produce a born baby. But it also urged that human cloning for purposes of experimentation--often called "therapeutic" or "research" cloning--remain unimpeded by legal restrictions. Such a public policy would permit virtually unlimited human cloning--so long as all the embryos created thereby were destroyed rather than implanted in a woman's womb. The recommendation from a well-known scientific
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harris final speech - Good Afternoon class how many of you...

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