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harrishomework 3 - are statistics representative are...

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1. You need supporting materials in your speeches to bolster the speaker’s point of view. 2. The three kinds of examples used in this chapter are brief examples, extended examples, and hypothetical examples. You would use a brief example to support your ideas in specific instances referred to in passing and to create a stronger impression. You would use an extended example to makes illustrations, narratives, and anecdotes. You would use hypothetical examples to describe imaginary situations, and relating ideas to the audience. 3. Five tips for using examples in your speeches are using examples to clarify your ideas, reinforce your ideas, personalize your ideas, make your examples vividly and richly textured, and practice delivery to enhance your extended examples. 4. It is easy to lie with statistics because numbers can be easily manipulated and distorted. Three questions you should ask to judge the reliability of statistics are,
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Unformatted text preview: are statistics representative, are statistical measures used correctly, are the statistics from a reliable source? 5. Six tips for using statistics in your speeches are, use them to quantify your ideas, use statistics sparingly, identify the sources of your statistics, explain your statistics, round off complicated statistics, and use visual aids to clarify statistical trends. 6. Testimony is quotations or paraphrases used to support a point. The difference between expert and peer testimony is that expert testimony is done by experts in certain field, while peer testimony includes firsthand experiences. 7. Four tips for using testimony in your speeches are to quote or paraphrase accurately. Use testimony from qualified sources, use testimony from unbiased sources, identify the people you quote or paraphrase....
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