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Unformatted text preview: J A N . 2 3 , 2 9 Karan Kendrick and the Joseph Adkins Players Karan Kendrick is a professor at Fort Valley State University and a native of Fort Valley, Georgia. Along with being a professor, she has a career in acting and has her own dance studio in her hometown. Her next big event in her professional career is her acting role in Tyler Perry’s newest film “Madea Goes to Jail” to be released on Feb. 20, 2009. Kendrick is putting in overtime; she has birthed the JAP club at Fort Valley State University. JAP stands for Joseph Adkins Players this is a performance based club in the department of Fine Arts at Fort Valley State University that seeks to produce live arts events for the Fort Valley State University and Central Georgia community. As stated by Kendrick,”We are working to produce excellent live events, per our mission, in perpetuity. I believe if we begin by having a good product, people will come and want to be a part”. You may join the club by attending a meeting on the regularly...
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